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fuj armscrossedsmileSMScott Fujii, Coach, Programming Director

Scott has been training and coaching athletes since 1994. As a former US National Champion and National Team Member in the sport of Taekwondo, he has carried that passion over into a career designed around helping other athletes reach their ultimate potential. Scott began his strength and conditioning work with world-class athletes in the sport of taekwondo. Since 1994 he has trained numerous athletes competing as Olympic, National Team and Collegiate National Team Members. 

As the Strength and Conditioning Director for Chaminade High School, Scott trained and designed the strength and conditioning programming for a multitude of athletes each year participating in a broad range of sports before opening Progression Sports Performance Center in 2003. The FightXP program is a culmination of Scott's 20+ years of training and coaching experience.

The training program has a strong focus on improving participants' movement aptitude and improving overall fitness, health and self-image. Scott continues to work tirelessly on the program's efficacy to help each individual progress up the scale of fitness and health, no matter what their current level. The program's unique style continues to produce amazing results in participants, helping those who are overweight and/or de-conditioned to make dramatic and lasting strides toward being fit (many for the first time ever), providing a safe, fun and effective way for those already in-shape to continue progressing, and of course providing an avenue for the fit to achieve an elite level of strength and conditioning. 

FightXP is a unique approach to training that seamlessly blends the latest scientific training variables with fundamental strength and conditioning principles to help everyday people achieve world-class results in improving their level of fitness, health and mentality.

lvh simlgSimona Hradil, MS, RD

Simona is Registered Dietitian with a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics from California State University at Northridge, where she is the Sports Nutritionist for the University’s Athletics Program working with over 400 Division I athletes and coaches.  Simona also consults for the Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics as the project manager of the Body Composition Assessment Program using the BOD PODTM.

For years, she has privately consulted a group of elite taekwondo athletes and since then,has evolved to assist other top athletes. Her athletic clientele come from various backgrounds: Taekwondo, Judo, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Track & Field, Cross Country, Baseball, Water Polo, Softball, Tennis, and Golf.  Her successful athletic career, (an eleven-time US National Taekwondo, a five-time Czech Republic National Taekwondo Team Member, an alternate for the 2012 London Olympic Games), and formal background in nutrition and dietetics have given her the edge to coach athletes on how to maximize their performance through nutrition.

She has spent the last ten years in Los Angeles under the mentorship of Scott Fujii and Progression Sports Performance (FXP) improving and enhancing her competitive skills in Taekwondo, strength and conditioning, and nutrition.  Her priority and mission is to help athletes build upon their personal growth and achieve their peak potential.

Her approach is no gimmicks, no hype; she doesn’t dwell on any particular eating plans or a list of supplements or products to buy.

There is a lot of information ‘out there’ about food, nutrition and performance-- I believe that can add to people’s confusion.  I see part of my role as a dietitian as someone who helps individuals to develop the skills in order to ‘evaluate’ this information and choose what is best for them.

She works with her clients to target individual needs and specifications so they are consistent in achieving high level performance. She focuses on education, accountability, empowerment and setting realistic goals to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Simona is available for one-on-one and remote individual sports nutrition counseling, sports nutrition coaching, sport team education, cooking demos and grocery store tours.  She is dedicated to providing performance nutrition support to men and women of all ages, to the elite athlete and the everyday warrior navigating their way through life.

Simona is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Simona is also ServSafe Certified.

bio brittBrittany Meyer, Coach

Brittany is our newest addition to the team at FightXP bringing with her over 7 years of athletic experience, formal wellness leadership training and health advocacy. Training as a Taekwondo athlete for over a decade at a national and international level she grew under the expertise and guidance of FightXP founder Scott Fujii. She was the head forms coach at Kings Taekwondo and Kaizen Taekwondo where she trained over 40 athletes, including state and national champions. Her training as an athlete and mentorship under Scott Fujii developed her critical eye for functional movement and strength training.

Earning her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Systems: Ecology, Behavior and Evolution from University of California, San Diego she brings a critical awareness of sustainability and award winning research experience to FightXP. She has formal training in wellness leadership from the UC San Diego Health Center and over 3 years of preventative medicine advocacy and promotion work, including training in peer health education and health promotion programming.

My priority and mission is to help people, no matter their background… to find their best, most authentic self through fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.

Brittany has a passion for medicine and using fitness to empower every aspect of our life and is currently attending UCLA earning her Masters in Public Health- Epidemiology with future plans to matriculate to medical school.

Real People. Real Results.

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Great gym, family-like environment. Coaching is as good as it gets, you get special attention every workout until you perfect every move and form. The results I've seen in just 6 weeks are amazing. I've improved both physically and mentally. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Nader A.

Think personal Training, without the PERSONAL TRAINING PRICE and it's everything you love about Group Fitness classes without feeling like you are just a number. There is nothing like the Fight XP program out there. You can expect a well-conceived workout with Fight XP...

Stephanie M.

The small group classes give you that "personal feel" and the instructors are able to stop wrong technique right then and there, preventing you from injuring yourself but still having a great workout. At 40 years old, I am in a much healthier shape than I was at 28!

Catherine R.

One of the best decisions I ever made was joining Fight XP! I'm a middle aged mother of 4 who now enjoys renewed energy and smaller pant sizes. Each workout is fresh and unique. I never know what new way of strength training I will be facing each morning! I'm happy this has become a lifestyle for me.

Michelle C.

With other gyms or classes i've tried the instructor stands at the front of the class, barks orders and probably doesn't know your name; here they get on the floor with you, make sure every single person is performing movements properly and safely, and yes, they know your name AND ask how your midterms were. Thank you Fight XP Fitness for making me feel like family!

Carol H.

The people make it comfortable and supportive experience. The only thing missing here is the gym ego-then again that's the best part.

Nathan L.

Want to make a serious change in your life so that you can become a better you, this is the right place. FightXP will give you the tools, coaching and plan to get yourself on track physically and mentally to change your body. As long as you provide the drive, they can help you work around your starting level or other issues to get you to a fitness level you wouldn't believe.

Sheldon M.

Finally a place where I don't feel gymtimidation! The trainers are fantastic! They help you throughout each workout session with the proper way to do each exercise and in turn you get results!

Aliah D.

Fightxp is a local gym with world class athletes as trainers equipped with health and fitness education that combines science, strategic training, and nutrition to deliver results!

Roger G.

Walking in, I wasn't expecting anything different from the other programs I had tried and failed to adhere to in the past. But even after the first class, my expectations were already blown out of the water.

Steven Y.