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Discover the Secrets to Looking, Feeling and Moving AMAZING That So Many Have Discovered at FightXP Fitness - The TOP Transformation Specialists in Chatsworth and surrounding areas.

Welcome to FightXP! Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our program. I know there are countless options in the fitness industry, and I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to present the benefits of our program to you.

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FightXP Fitness is a comprehensive training system that encompasses all of the fundamental components necessary to not only bring you the visual and emotional rewards of improved fitness and health, but also to provide the long-term benefits of a solid training program. Exercise and nutrition are powerful tools for fat loss, strengthening and conditioning. However, more of a good thing does not always make it better - and as we often find in the fitness and health industries, more of a good thing can often lead to destructive outcomes. Our expertise is in bringing our members the RIGHT level movements for the right duration at the right intensity to elicit amazing results.

Our mission is to balance the tools and protocols in a system that is designed to elicit the best possible results from your efforts, while also providing the long term benefits that a balanced program should- these include constantly improving your movement patterns, increasing the capacity of your nervous system, and bringing a balance and symmetry to the body that relieves pain, prevents injury, sheds excess fat and builds lean muscle.

Being involved in high level sports (first as an athlete, then as coach) for over 24 years, I’ve seen the fads come and go- and the infomercial products woo people like they were a magic pill… and speaking of magic pills- there have been (and probably always will be) those companies too. There have also been numerous training methods declared “cutting edge” and “extreme” over the years. So much so, that they created a whole market for the “conservative and safe” methods. As a fitness professional, it can be frustrating watching these companies master the sales of their products and methods to the general public. Many of these methods produce great results for some- however, it's frustrating watching so many people sustain injuries or making their existing issues worse, all in an effort to become better. 

I created FightXP and the XP training programs to fill a specific need. I believe people deserve to be educated and not sold... and that what most people want (and need) are OPTIMAL RESULTS. We need to see progression from the investment of time and money, but also experience it in the long run (not end up injured and out of commission). I knew from experience that people could be a part of a SMART training program- and reap all the benefits, without having to be extreme. So, I’ve put my many years of experience, the latest scientific evidence, and the strategies from many of the top professionals in the industry into building a program that has been helping others accomplish amazing results!

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FightXP. Our system is unique, our results are life-changing- the only way to truly describe what we have going on is to invite you to experience it for yourself (which, by the way, is FREE)..


Sound fair?  

Let me share more details about our weight loss/fitness programs and how you can start seeing results immediately.  But first, I want to address one of the biggest concerns I get when I speak with people about our program:

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Those are both VERY legitimate concerns, and I appreciate when people ask either of those questions- why?  Because unfortunately in today's quick-fix and make-money-fast world, a lot of really good people are sold on programs and pills that just aren't appropriate for them.  Many of them are cookie-cutter generic programs that can't poinpoint and challenge a person's weaknesses, while others are far too advanced to be performed properly... and some, just DOWNRIGHT INSANE! So, the short answer to your question above is, "YES!" we've got you covered.

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The BEST Way To Find Out If We're A Good Fit...

Get a complimentary Success Session with one of our Coaches!  The purpose is to get to know you and your goals and to determine if FightXP Fitness is a good fit for you to achieve your desired results and success.  (Did we mention it's FREE?)

During your Success Session we will:

  • Get to know your motivators, drivers and current fitness challenges
  • Map out a blueprint for success to help you get to your fitness goals (then exceed them)
  • Provide an overview of our unconventional training methodology and options
  • Determine if FightXP Fitness will be a good fit for you and your lifestyle
  • Answer any questions that you have about our program and your goals


Now It's Your Turn to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Look, Feel and Move Better Than You Have In YEARS!  You Deserve It!



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Real People. Real Results.

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Great gym, family-like environment. Coaching is as good as it gets, you get special attention every workout until you perfect every move and form. The results I've seen in just 6 weeks are amazing. I've improved both physically and mentally. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Nader A.

Think personal Training, without the PERSONAL TRAINING PRICE and it's everything you love about Group Fitness classes without feeling like you are just a number. There is nothing like the Fight XP program out there. You can expect a well-conceived workout with Fight XP...

Stephanie M.

The small group classes give you that "personal feel" and the instructors are able to stop wrong technique right then and there, preventing you from injuring yourself but still having a great workout. At 40 years old, I am in a much healthier shape than I was at 28!

Catherine R.

One of the best decisions I ever made was joining Fight XP! I'm a middle aged mother of 4 who now enjoys renewed energy and smaller pant sizes. Each workout is fresh and unique. I never know what new way of strength training I will be facing each morning! I'm happy this has become a lifestyle for me.

Michelle C.

With other gyms or classes i've tried the instructor stands at the front of the class, barks orders and probably doesn't know your name; here they get on the floor with you, make sure every single person is performing movements properly and safely, and yes, they know your name AND ask how your midterms were. Thank you Fight XP Fitness for making me feel like family!

Carol H.

The people make it comfortable and supportive experience. The only thing missing here is the gym ego-then again that's the best part.

Nathan L.

Want to make a serious change in your life so that you can become a better you, this is the right place. FightXP will give you the tools, coaching and plan to get yourself on track physically and mentally to change your body. As long as you provide the drive, they can help you work around your starting level or other issues to get you to a fitness level you wouldn't believe.

Sheldon M.

Finally a place where I don't feel gymtimidation! The trainers are fantastic! They help you throughout each workout session with the proper way to do each exercise and in turn you get results!

Aliah D.

Fightxp is a local gym with world class athletes as trainers equipped with health and fitness education that combines science, strategic training, and nutrition to deliver results!

Roger G.

Walking in, I wasn't expecting anything different from the other programs I had tried and failed to adhere to in the past. But even after the first class, my expectations were already blown out of the water.

Steven Y.