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Some programs think that by constantly changing the workout on you, it's more effective- and more fun. They sell the idea that the body will stop improving if it has a chance to adapt to a workout. That's only true, if you're doing the same workout day in and day out without ever changing the time, intensity and other variables. (And, why would you do that?)  As for more fun… is it more fun to do something completely different every workout, never truly getting enough practice to make noticeable improvements in your movement or other useful skills- or would it be more fun to have just enough variety in your workout to keep things interesting- but to work your skillets enough to make VERY noticeable improvements while getting the results you want? RIGHT!  We think it’s a simple concept too- so much so that we’re not sure why everyone is still trying to sell you on “constantly changing things up”… believe it or not, the human body actually needs time to adapt to different stimuli - and since it’s adaptation that’s bringing about the results and change that we can SEE and FEEL, why would you cut yourself short of this?  Let’s be honest- in addition to RESULTS that you want, it’s seeing, feeling and experiencing yourself IMPROVE from the time you’ve invested that’s REALLY FUN.

So what do we think a “smart” training program should consist of?  It should not only produces results… surprisingly, that’s the easy part of the puzzle - it should MAKE YOU BETTER by:

  • Improving the quality of your movement
  • Help prevent future injuries, not create them
  • Dissipate everyday aches and pains
  • Improve your quality of life

Progression- getting better, feeling better, looking better… is fun.  Accomplishing goals- shedding belly fat, getting stronger, being in better shape, having more energy, even feeling sexier in your own skin… is fun.  Feeling confident in yourself- in your abilities, in your appearance, your hard work, your investing in yourself… that’s real fun!  If you agree, click on the "Get Started" link in the menu above!

Real People. Real Results.

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Great gym, family-like environment. Coaching is as good as it gets, you get special attention every workout until you perfect every move and form. The results I've seen in just 6 weeks are amazing. I've improved both physically and mentally. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Nader A.

Think personal Training, without the PERSONAL TRAINING PRICE and it's everything you love about Group Fitness classes without feeling like you are just a number. There is nothing like the Fight XP program out there. You can expect a well-conceived workout with Fight XP...

Stephanie M.

The small group classes give you that "personal feel" and the instructors are able to stop wrong technique right then and there, preventing you from injuring yourself but still having a great workout. At 40 years old, I am in a much healthier shape than I was at 28!

Catherine R.

One of the best decisions I ever made was joining Fight XP! I'm a middle aged mother of 4 who now enjoys renewed energy and smaller pant sizes. Each workout is fresh and unique. I never know what new way of strength training I will be facing each morning! I'm happy this has become a lifestyle for me.

Michelle C.

With other gyms or classes i've tried the instructor stands at the front of the class, barks orders and probably doesn't know your name; here they get on the floor with you, make sure every single person is performing movements properly and safely, and yes, they know your name AND ask how your midterms were. Thank you Fight XP Fitness for making me feel like family!

Carol H.

The people make it comfortable and supportive experience. The only thing missing here is the gym ego-then again that's the best part.

Nathan L.

Want to make a serious change in your life so that you can become a better you, this is the right place. FightXP will give you the tools, coaching and plan to get yourself on track physically and mentally to change your body. As long as you provide the drive, they can help you work around your starting level or other issues to get you to a fitness level you wouldn't believe.

Sheldon M.

Finally a place where I don't feel gymtimidation! The trainers are fantastic! They help you throughout each workout session with the proper way to do each exercise and in turn you get results!

Aliah D.

Fightxp is a local gym with world class athletes as trainers equipped with health and fitness education that combines science, strategic training, and nutrition to deliver results!

Roger G.

Walking in, I wasn't expecting anything different from the other programs I had tried and failed to adhere to in the past. But even after the first class, my expectations were already blown out of the water.

Steven Y.